Summer Break Cruise - Spring Break Cruises Essay

Summer Break Cruise - Spring Break Cruises Essay

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Spring Break Cruise

Have you ever wanted to have a whole month of just pure relaxation and enjoyment at an affordable price? Will now you can with Santa Blue a cruise ship to the Caribbean. Rooms start at $4,000 that 's a steal compare to other places. Some other cruise ships will charge you around $10,000 for 25 days maybe even 30 days out in sea. With that said you will be able to visit some of the most entertaining Caribbean islands. Not enough for you no worries on the cruise we will have a bunch of entertainment for your liking. We will be having concerts, raves, outdoors pool parties. These parties will make you feel like you never left the safety doors of the dorms. Still not interested? No worries, we also just got a new casino in our fabulous cruise ship we call this casino The Paradise of The Caribbean; however, this means for you that their is always a way to earn some extra spending money for your pleasures. Besides all of these great entertainment pleasures we also have a wonderful staff that is ready to serve you. When you enter Santa Blue you will be greeted by the C...

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