Summary : ' The Treasure Maps ' Wake The Crew ! Prepare The Cannons ! ' Essay

Summary : ' The Treasure Maps ' Wake The Crew ! Prepare The Cannons ! ' Essay

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Hoist the colours! Unfurl the treasure maps! Wake the crew! Prepare the cannons!
7 Magic Islands, the website where children learn and play, proudly unveils the upcoming launch of their first interactive story app, “World’s Best” featuring the exciting adventure World’s Best Pirate!
Dive into a worldwide pirate competition, with YOU as the star!
This app takes your picture and magically transforms you into the brave, legendary Captain Salty Dog, ruler of the seven seas! With Jackson The Parrot by your side, you will take on Salty Dog’s rivals, the dreaded Lame Jack and his matey, One-Eyed Hugh as you compete for the title of World’s Best Pirate! Sail your trusty pirate ship through maze-like reefs, test your cannon skills and capture your rival’s ship in this vibrantly colored, professionally narrated escapade complete with high-quality sound effects and action-packed music.
Children will love the World’s Best app, competing in exciting contests on the high seas. The pirate picture can be changed again and again – anyone, even your pets – can become the amazing Captain Salty Dog!
The World’s Best app is designed to capture the imagination and stimulate intellectual development in children as they learn about the lives of pirates and let their love for reading grow and flourish!
Do you have problems or have some feedback you’d like to share with us? We would love to hear from you! Reach us at or find us at
About 7 Magic Islands
Sisters Anna Valbro and Lena Hinnelund founded 7 Magic Islands in 2012. 7 Magic Islands is so much more than an ordinary website – it’s a door to a magical world!
The website takes you to a faraway planet, home to – you got it! – seven magic isl...

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...ombined years of real estate experience in his family, Abe began his career in real estate with a solid foundation.
Abe’s background is primarily in athletics. He graduated on the Dean’s List from Baylor University, where he played baseball for four years. He earned notable accolades while playing for the Baylor Bears (Freshman All-America, 2002, and three-time All- Big XII Conference). The Cincinnati Reds selected Abe in the 2005 Major League Baseball draft.
Abe played baseball professionally for the Reds and the Arizona Diamondbacks for a total of six seasons. His experience as a professional athlete instilled within him work ethic, determination and the ability to handle high- pressure situation. Abe brings all these skills to the world of real estate!
Abe has been married for six years; he met his wife Debbie at Baylor. The couple has a three-year-old son, Brooks.

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