Essay on Summary : ' The Hell '

Essay on Summary : ' The Hell '

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CJ jerked awake and glanced over at the alarm clock on her night stand.
“3:15 a.m on a Friday! What the hell!” This was the third time this week she had the same dream that caused her to jerk awake with tears streaming down her cheeks. It had been almost 3 years since he left but the wounds on her heart were just as fresh as the day she received them. Her dreams were vivid and they refused to let her forget. The stinging she felt as her eyes began to well up with tears, the lump in her throat that formed as she tried to hold them back, but what hurt the most was the pain she saw in his eyes as she told him they could no longer see each other. She knew they had to do this for the good of the country. A relationship between the Press Secretary and a White House Correspondent was forbidden and they both knew it. Lord knows they heard it enough times. They both knew just being friends was not going to work. The way he looked at her with love filled eyes, the way his soft voice spoke into her very soul, the sweet smell of his cologne that drifted its way to her nose as they passed each other in the hallway. The sexual tension between them was sure to cloud their better judgment at some point and they could not let that happen. Both of their careers would be at stake and that was something neither of them were willing to risk. So why do these reoccurring dreams break her into a millions pieces? Because deep down inside she know Danny Concannon is the man she was destined to spend the rest of her life with and that very day 3 years ago in her office on Pennsylvania Avenue he said 3 words that forever leave scars on both of their hearts. “CJ I’m leaving.” No questions were asked only a simple goodbye glance was shared as he walked out th...

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...and more connected. They were made for each other and they had a love that not even time could tear apart. No words had to be said, the look in their eyes said it all. They both came simultaneously. Danny held her close and she lost control of her body.

They just layed there with their naked bodies intertwined with one another. She had never looked more beautiful than she did at that very moment. Danny gently rubbed her arm as she ran her fingers through his chest hair.
“So how long did it take you to come up with that answering machine message?” CJ giggled.
“Well I 'll have you know I can spit a few rhymes here and there.I happen to be an accredited journalist.” He chuckled kissing the top of her head.
“I always knew one day you would hear it.” He tilted her head up by her chin, gazing into her eyes.
“I love you Daniel Concannon.”
“I love you Claudia Jean.”

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