Essay about Summary : ' Take Home Final Exam '

Essay about Summary : ' Take Home Final Exam '

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Yasmin Johnson
Anthropology 1102
Take-Home Final Exam
Dr. Birch
April 29, 2015

Throughout the evolution of humans, mankind has made many huge, marvelous achievements in history. Some can be viewed as vital to the development of human culture more than others. They include the development of language, introduction of agriculture, domestication of animals, discovery of fire, and tool making. These are known as the major turning points that shaped and contributed to humanity.
Language originated thousands of years ago, but there is no exact date. Its development was critical to humanity because spoken language is essential to all human cultures. It is the primary means of communication between humans. For instance, creole language develops from pidgins. Pidgins form as two societies of different languages with no common language come in contact and attempt to communicate with one another. It based of English and native languages that developed in the context of trade and colonialism in China, Papua New Guinea, and West Africa.
In addition, language facilitates learning in humans. An accumulation of knowledge or skills by a human society is superior to any of a nonhuman group and can be passed down. This is demonstrated in cultural transmission in which the way a group of people within a society or culture tend to learn and convey new information. Culture is not passed on from parents to children biologically, instead it is learned through experience and participation. A child learns his or her culture through enculturation. Parents educate their child and correct them on what is permissible. Furthermore, the Homo erectus species passed the skill of tool making from generation to generation. Archaeological evidence conf...

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...f heavy wear and tear from chewing on meat from large animals. To kill their game which typically consisted of reindeer, mammoths, and woolly rhinos, they assembled elaborate tools using the Mousterian tradition. Their tools were constructed of stone to and spears such as scrapers, points, and even hand axes. In their societies, they buried their deceased with animal bones and flowers. In addition, they cared for their elderly and injured. Evidence of healed traumas are shown on older Neanderthal skeletons.
At last, humans evolved from primates that are now extinct. There is indeed a common ancestor between these primates and humans for we share most of our DNA with chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas. In addition, we share common traits such as bipedalism and other characteristics with our ancestors that explain how we evolved to humans as of today.
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