Essay on Summary Of Yun Ling ( 22 ) And Her Sister Teoh Yun

Essay on Summary Of Yun Ling ( 22 ) And Her Sister Teoh Yun

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TEOH YUN LING (22) and her sister TEOH YUN HONG (19), emaciated chinese prisoners, are forced to sing in a Japanese labor camp in 1945. The prisoners, including Yun Ling work at chipping away rocks in a mine. Japanese soldiers beat them to keep them motivated and in line. Meanwhile, a steady stream of soldiers have sex with Yun Hong.

Forty two years later, Yun Ling (64) navigates a road, in the back seat of her car are boxes of legal papers. She reaches a tea plantation where she is greeted by FREDERIK PRETORIUS (67). They have a stilted conversation about her case which has been stalled because she is suspected of being associated with Aritomo, a suspected Japanese spy.

Back in 1951, Yun Ling (28) marches down a prison hallway. CAPTAIN HIDEYOSHI MAMORU (40s), a Japanese prisoner gives her a letter. She says she will deliver it if he gives her information on a camp. He gives her new information. She takes him to be executed, does not deliver his letter, and returns to her desk job as a clerk. Her BOSS (50s) tells her about the peace treaty. She takes the train to Kuala Lumpur where she is collected by MAGNUS PRETORIUS (65). They reach the tea plantation where they are greeted by EMILY PRETORIUS (48). Frederik (31) comes out to join them and introduces himself to Yun Ling and directs her to where she will be sleeping.

She wakes up early the next morning and explores the area and discovers a half-finished Japanese garden. She continues on to a traditional Japanese house where she meets NAKAMURA ARITOMO (51). Yun Ling tells him about her sister and her dream Japanese garden and asks him to make that dream come true. She tells him that her sister died during the surrender and that she is trying to recover her remains and that th...

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...n. In 1952, Yun Ling wanders around the destroyed garden. She decides to try to mend the lawn. Aritomo observes her. She is joined by other workers. Yun Ling guides them through the repairs. Aritomo resumes his charge.

In 1987, Yun Ling shows Frederik a drawing of the lawn and then reveals her tattoo. She asks him to redo the drawing to match her tattoo. They discover that her back is a map. In 1952, Aritomo and Yun Ling eat together. He tells her that she should go into law. They walk through the finished garden. They have sex, and the next morning she finds him walking into the woods. In 1987, Frederik and Yun Ling review a current map. Yun Ling decides to not go looking for her sister and issues a statement that she doesn’t know Aritomo. Frederik congratulates her new position as justice and she apologizes to him. She finally mails the letter along with 7 others.

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