Summary Of ' Young Goodman Brown ' Essay

Summary Of ' Young Goodman Brown ' Essay

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Intro: “We have been a race of honest men and good Christians…”(Hawthorne, pg. 388). In Salem, Massachusetts evil was found everywhere; therefore, many good Puritans fell through the evil of witchcraft. This concept is found in the short story of “Young Goodman Brown”, where the readers are introduced to a innocent and pure couple who are all about religion and against any evil worshippers. Faith and Goodman Brown will face a diabolic journey to hell, and fight against the will of evil which is nearly impossible for everyone in town has walked through sin.I am writing about Young Goodman Brown because I am trying to show you how Hawthorne relies on Faith, the old man, and young Goodman Brown to illustrate the evil in nature.

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Faith plays an important role that functions a an allegorical figure throughout Goodman Brown’s diabolic journey. For example, at the beginning of the story, young Goodman Brown comes late to his meeting with the old man, as a result , he excused himself by stating “Faith kept me back”(Hawthorne pg. 387). Besides Faith being her wife’s name, it is an allegory for religious faith. Furthermore, Goodman Brown is aware that is is late to be out in the woods; therefore, he debates whether he should return home to his wife Faith and continue to practice his religion as a good Christian, or to continue his path through the dark and wild forest? Nonetheless, he stays in the woods, but this time to search for his faith; both his wife and religious beliefs (pg. 392). Goodman Brown knows that his faith has been lost after he saw a “[ pink ribbon] fluttered lightly down through the air, and caught on the branch of a tree” (pg. 392). Moreover, the pink ribbon is a symbol from her wife faith which represent...

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...391). Unexpectedly, Faith, the person whom he thought was pure and innocent has been trapped by evil, and Goodman has no choice but to give in to evil--”Brown grasp his staff and set forth again” (pg. 391). Goodman Brown’s characters have changed maliciously, he was now fearless that evil got him to yell blasphemies against God (pg. 392). Overall, the Old man was right, any good Christian, just like young Goodman Brown is capable to be part of evil.

Hawthorne used his three main characters as his allegoric figures to emphasize the importance that even though an individual believes themselves as a good person, in the inside they are not because as the old man mention anyone on earth are capable of walking through sin. It is impossible for someone not to follow the devil 's footsteps, for evil is in our nature according to the old man from the wild woods.

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