Essay about Summary Of ' You 're Going Home '

Essay about Summary Of ' You 're Going Home '

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“You’re going home, Luhan.”
Luhan blinked at his headmaster, his hazel orbs unfazed by the words he had so desperately wanted to hear since the moment he arrived in this 'hell hole ' known as school. Slapping his palm against his thigh, Luhan tipped his head back as he laughed, his other hand waving about as he gestured to the older man in front of him as if he was the punch line to some joke.
Luhan managed to catch his breath and stop the frantic shaling of his his head beofre speaking, his voice laced with amusement, “Hilarious Mr Hongki, if this is for the prank that was pulled in the boy’s dorm last week; I have already told you, it wasn’t me.” Luhan stated, his arms instantly folding across his chest in a defensive manner, a light hearted smile still spread across his lips.
Mr Hongki signed, his fingers grasping the small frame of his glasses as he took them off, his forehead creasing as his elderly eyes focus on the boy. The old man cleared his throat before speaking deciding that speaking in a stern voice would make Luhan believe him. “Luhan,” he began again his voice rusty and his gaze unwavering from Luhan who was muttering to himself in amusement. When Luhan caught the old man’s tone, he instantly straightened and began listening to his next words. “Your father called and arranged the transfer papers last week, it was completed today. You’re going home.” He finalised.
Time seemed to stop for Luhan as he let the words sink in, his head tilting to the side as he blinked at his headmaster, searching for signs of a lie or hints of amusement. When he found none, he instantly flew forward, pale fingers gripping onto the edge of the oak desk that separated the pair. With his heart in his throat, he asked, “Is something wron...

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...s chair,” Mr Hongki paused as he looked down at his draw, flakes of glue still outlining the wood that had been glue shut, the varnish on the wood leaving light patches where he had to scrape it off to get to the test results he had spent all week marking. “And for gluing my draw shut.”
Luhan brushed his honey locks away from his shinning eyes, it had been a while since his last haircut, after the…situation last year he had not cared much for his physical appearance. It was only a year ago that he had started to keep it long but it had started to grow into his eyes and was in need of a trim.
“Yeah, sorry about that, it wasn’t meant for you either. Does this mean I 'm your favourite student?” Luhan asked as he clasped his hands tighter and fluttered his long eyelashes. “Are you going to miss your favourite student in the whole world?” Luhan asked in a mocking voice.

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