Essay on Summary Of ' Things Fall Apart '

Essay on Summary Of ' Things Fall Apart '

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Evolution of Human Kind

A newborn child; innocent and unknowing. We were all once this way. But as we got older, we began to lose our innocence and become less gullible to childish things. In 1911, Josef Mengele was born into a wealthy Bavarian family with a Catholic upbringing. His life seemed pretty typical and he was successful in his studies. Shockingly, he grew up and became a physician in a concentration camp. He was known as the “Angel of Death" because in the camp, he 'd spend most of his time experimenting on twins for medical advancements. His childhood life had no indications that he would do such things. What could 've possibly driven him to do such a horrendous act of humanity? Throughout all of history, entertainment, and literature greed tends to be the root of it all. In Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe illustrates the greediness and the downfall of an African man. Orlando Von Einsiedel produces a documentary, Virunga, centered on how SOCO, a group of people who work with a British company, extracts resources from the Congo for their indulgence. And in a more modern sense, Mark Waters entertains us by following the life of a transfer high school student who struggles with the need to fit in. Despite the fact that we 've all grown up learning that greed is a bad thing, many grow up and become greedy without that being their intent since they strongly believe that they deserve the best for themselves even if it could negatively impact others.
Many grow up learning good morals, but over time their innocence is lost by their greed. In Things Fall Apart, Achebe describes his main character, " a little boy who had resented his father 's failure and weakness"(Achebe 13). This highlights that hi...

... middle of paper ... own life, which can lead to their own self destruction.
Although many grow up learning good morals, their innocence is eventually lost by their greed which in turn can impact others negatively. Okonkwo, SOCO, and Cady all showed different types of greediness. In our society, it seems as though most greed originates from what others think or say about about us. At different times in our lives, greed can get so overwhelming that it can potentially impact the people around us in a harmful way. Therefore, greed is such a powerful thing. Some say it 's human nature and it controls our lives, while others use a period of their greediness to learn from it. Society needs to be more self aware of what they are doing. Greed is sneaky, it can appear out nowhere. We were all once innocent and unknowing. That 's why it is important to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves

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