Summary Of ' The Wedding ' Essay

Summary Of ' The Wedding ' Essay

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The wedding was only a few weeks away now and Adam was still going through his capricious behavior of pestering me one moment, and buttering her up the next. And while things were going really well with my new self-confidence, the lingering feelings I felt for Adam were sluggish to leave. All throughout the rehearsal dinner I could feel Adam’s gaze on me, and whenever I built the courage, or the irritation, to look at him to confirm that the eyes I felt watching me were indeed his, I was stunned to see him shamelessly staring back, smirking in response to my discomfort. I was reminded once again of the charm underlying his façade of coolness and arrogance at his speech at dinner, though. He showed humility about his miserable skills as both a cake tester and dancer, spoke beautifully of his admiration of Alicia and Brian’s relationship, and most surprisingly, he made some really touching comments about me and the quasi-friendship we had established.
“And to my counterpart, my nemesis, and new friend, Autumn. I know I’m hard on you for being square and erringly pretentious, but you’...

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