Summary Of ' The Volstead Act ' Essays

Summary Of ' The Volstead Act ' Essays

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Asa Yoelson, or Al Jolson was born in Russia in 1886. The thing that made Al popular was he applied burnt cork to his face, which gave him a black face, which at the time more actors began to take the blackface of as a part of their act. Al was easily then able to connect more with his audience with his blackface. The song that became Al Jolson’s signature song was Swanee.

4. The Volstead act, which banned the rights to sell or transport illegal beverages had little to no effect on the city of New York or on Broadway. Prohibition allowed the city of New York nightlife to grow. Nightclubs and speakeasies were in abundance, even the mayor of New York didn’t pay attention to the new law, and he just asked that nightclubs must close by 3 am. Broadway also saw an increased number of shows more that 264 plays and musicals, as well as the building of twenty new theatres along Theatre District.

5. Walter Winchell was born in 1897, he grew up from a poor Jewish family. Winchell first started out as a child entertainer but later moved up the ranks and worked in Vaudeville. Winchell was a mediocre review but he excelled as a chronicler. Winchell had the ability to create neologisms that no one had ever thought of especially in Broadway. Winchell came up with the term the Big Apple, which is still popularly used even today. Winchell was able to spread his influence far beyond New York, by showing everyone that it is alright to have a unique sense of humor.

6. Musical Revues were a big hit in the 1920’s. On Broadway more than a 120 different revues were open. Revues were special, because you could miss the opening act and it wouldn’t affect the outcome. The revues were more than always flashy, full of color, which caught the atte...

... middle of paper ...

...formances as well as it has been revived more than a 6 times and it is considered one of Americas most revolutionary musical.

13. The new technology of sound in the film industry began to influence Broadway. In the filmmaking industry, the vitaphone was experimented by the Warner Brothers In a film called the Jazz Singer, but the Vitaphone wasn’t strong enough to record the sound of the entire movie, so parts of the movie featured scenes, which were filmed in complete silence. After the moment of silence in the movie the crowd was awakened by Al Jolson performance of the song “Dirty Hands, Dirty Face”. Jolson was able to teach producers as well as audience members that Movies can have a greater impact beyond Broadway. It is difficult to calculate how huge sound might have affected Broadway, everyone sort of forgets about sound because of the great depression.

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