Essay on Summary Of ' The ' Silent '

Essay on Summary Of ' The ' Silent '

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Motionless, I finally understood the definition of fear. To be victimised as the villain of the story. To be discriminated as the plague behind all creation’s problems. To be stereotyped as the face of the oppressors. The fear was so overwhelming and overpowering that I could only pray for the Earth beneath me to crack wide open and swallow me into an eternal abyss - away from this trembling terror.
It was the perfect setting for a perfect day. The historic city of Granada was in a state of euphoria, as the beaming radiance of the sun struck the town, evoking an atmosphere of joy and delight as I was touring through the heart of the city with a group of young boys my age. I can still vividly recollect the ecstatic environment around me which grabbed my attention. The bittersweet scent of the vinegar poured on the freshly-made chips; the sight of the ice cream slowly melting off the cone of a careless child, and the charismatic cry of the merchants as they sold their goods to the public. Never had I seen a city so diverse in ethnicities and backgrounds, with a chain of cuisines encircled around me.
Strolling around the city with our group leader, sightseeing the majestic medieval architecture, we were caught right in the middle of a parade. To this day, I did not know what the parade was for, but rather, I recall being mesmerised whilst speculating over the contrasting colours associated with the parade - a distinct shade of red, a radiant touch of light orange, and an illuminating hint of yellow captivating my mind to another world.
Happiness and excitement permeated the crowd, cheering for what I could only guess being the imaginative floats, the thundering tempo played by the bands, and the exhilarating surroundings itself. Th...

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...w that I have developed a greater understanding of the experience, I acknowledge now that it was not an act of racial prejudice, but an act of survival. As disheartening as the situation was, the civilians were blameless of their actions since their priority was to preserve their own safety, following their pure instinct of what they portrayed as danger. The police had no choice but to respond with no judgement, as they are assigned solely for the purpose of protecting their community.
We as a whole should refrain from the mentality of what the public enemy is portrayed as by society, but rather, we should use our own free minds to distinguish evil from good. A man so innocent and just, with no bad deeds marked beside his name and no conflict with anyone, should not be judged for having an appearance out of the ‘norm’ by society and associated with a guiltless crime.

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