Essay about Summary Of ' The Red Haired Man '

Essay about Summary Of ' The Red Haired Man '

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"Of course I would be trembling. It was sudden to me. Besides I...wouldn 't protest against it." He explained, while Klaus looked at him dumbfounded and a bit flushed. Suddenly, the giant lifted the brunet bridal style a second time today. "K-Klaus!?" The young man was flustered in the man 's arms, as he was carried out of the room. "W-where are you-"

"We 're going to my sleep that is." The red haired man explained, cutting the boy short. Leo looked up at the man in embarrassment, but he got the answer that plagued his mind.Klaus carried the brunet up three floors, before coming to a door and opened it. The lights were off as the red haired man walked next to the bed. He placed the young man on the bed that seemed to have gained his attention, as the giant takes off his top. Leo was amazed of how big and soft the bed was compared to how he lived. He could easily occupy a corner of the bed and still be comfortable in his sleep.

He turned to look at the man but was left awestruck, observing the Adonis body that stood in front of him. Until his eyes fell upon a scar covering the man 's left flank. He slowly reached out to grace the mark as he opened his eyes to illuminate it with the soft blue light. "Leo... It wasn 't your fault." Klaus extended his hand to hold the brunet 's hand. Making him tilt his head up letting the glow irradiate the Giants face, but still holding the sad expression. The red haired man used his other hand to caress the small Libra member 's cheek to soothe his hurt. He bend down to whisper in the boy 's ear that was light and gentle. "Let 's go to bed."

Once again he lifted the brunet up as he pulled the blankets down. Slowly placing Leo down beside him. The Libra leader lifted a arm over the boy...

... middle of paper ...

.... Was there some hidden message the man was trying to say to Leo, hm. "I 'll carry you down." Klaus said, the brunet was flustered by the gesture trying to get down but he really did like being carried this way. As they walked down to the first floor they made it to the kitchen. Where the breakfast was placed on the table.

"Welcome young master-" The battle butler froze as he looked down making the two stare at him puzzled. "It 's good to be young, isn 't it." Gilbert claimed making the giant look down at what appeared to be a tent in his, well. He completely forgot about it as he put the small Libra member down casually and made his leave upstairs. The brunet stood dumbfounded at Klaus realizing that was under him a couple of minutes ago. He turned to Gilbert who still held his composure like nothing happened, but Leo on the other hand was still flustered. "U-um-"

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