Summary of the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Summary of the One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

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Summary of the One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager
Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson are the great Authors one’s among the all and describes the plight of a young manager who is not having success. However, he hears about a Successful manager who is so Effective that he has Time to Spare. The One Minute Manager is an Effective Tool for Developing Leadership. Job satisfaction can be made guaranteed. Everyone is a potential winner. Some people are disguised as losers. The young manager calls him up to find out what he can learn, and the successful .One Minute Manager shares with him “Three Secrets for the Success”. Every manager Ought to be familiar as they are shown below:
One Minute Goal Setting:
One Minute Praisings
One Minute Reprimands
Agree on goals and verify every objective in satisfying the tasks which issued. This is 'one minute goal setting'. Starting here on staff know precisely what is normal of them and will seldom gone to the manager with issues - they know they are enlisted to unravel them.
Staff should re-read the goals frequently as a means of ensuring performance matches expectations. They should also provide detailed records of progress for the managers. This is not so that the manager can breath down their neck, but so he or she can 'catch you doing something right'. This allows for 'one-minute praisings', which provide immediate and specific positive feedback on actions undertaken.
If a person has the skills to do something right and it is not done right, the manager will provide a 'one-minute reprimand'. This stern rebuke is of ...

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...thoritative structures and attention on working in groups, it could be contended that The One Minute Manager is less pertinent. The model appears to express a more established various leveled model of the working environment - "the supervisor and his subordinates". In addition, today we delight in making the qualification between simple supervisors and pioneers - while the last rouses, the previous basically, well, oversees. Yet an accurate pioneer will think that it troublesome to go anyplace without some fundamental individuals administration abilities. He or she will look to make loose working environments in which individuals have all the time they have to seek after essential objectives. This feeling of loose reason emerges in light of the fact that everybody knows precisely what their part is; there is both transparency and clarity of reason.

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