Essay on Summary Of ' The ' Of The Night ' And ' Mr. Dexter '

Essay on Summary Of ' The ' Of The Night ' And ' Mr. Dexter '

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Arsen stands in front me, his eyes intently positioned on his phone as he texts.

Not caring a single bit about my feelings, he already cleared it to the entire class how much he regretted selecting partnership with me.

Entirely crestfallen, I wait for the first lesson to begin, even though I fear touching any part of my partner 's wet body. He really should have avoided the water balloon fighting in the cafeteria, today.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Mr. Dexter, the mean one, begins, "we 'll start with a very basic technique, today and focus on complex ones in the upcoming classes. Watch our demonstration, first, and then practice this on your partners."

Him and Mrs. Johnson explain and show how to break free of a grip on your wrist without getting in trouble. Mr. Dexter holds the woman 's wrist and she raises the lock as high as she could before stepping under it and twisting his arm behind him. We all stare in sheer amazement--including some guys.

"See, now, you can simply push him and ta da," Mrs. Johnson smiles, shoving her assistant who stumbles a step forward.

"Your turn to try," Mr. Dexter declares.

Unlike the hooligans in the class, all of us girls hesitate slightly. In fact, I share an unusual eye lock with Arsen before he steps forward and catched my wrist. As much as we stay away from each other usually, it 's no longer happening.

Focusing on the task at hand, I mimic the first step of bringing up the arms so I can step under and then end up behind Arsen. Instead of allowing my escape, Arsen steps forward, blocking the foot space. Our bodies are mere inches away. His eyes bore into mine in a challenging manner, irking me to the point where I simply wish to kick him where it 'll definitely hurt him.

No, it 's not the...

... middle of paper ...

... I get in return?"

"A gift partnership on the diner and," frankly, the gift partnership sounds fine by me, but I wait for the second part, "I 'll buy you and your friends VIP tickets to that haunted house you wanted to tour last year. Cab fare included."

Am I hearing things?

Did he really use that offer on me?

"Tickets to Nightmare?" I ask in shock. Compared to how the day started out, the last thing I expected is my father finally allowing me to tour one of the scariest known haunted houses in New York. Danie, Isa, Ben, and I have been dying to visit the place since middle school. All our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled, now! Halloween 's the day after Mom 's birthday. By then, Ben can also join us!

"Only if the diner is ready for your mom 's birthday."


He briefs me all the necessary information before I settle down with my dinner.



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