Summary Of ' The Late Night Caller ' Essay

Summary Of ' The Late Night Caller ' Essay

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The Late Night Caller

Happiness can bring the best out of people, but can happiness cause or turn to be sadness? That what happened to Nadia. The girl who stood up for her education. She was intelligent. Nothing stopped her for what she was believing in. She grew up in a rich family. Everything was going so well, till that day come and changed everything.
On Monday, April 11th, 1988, there was a small hamlet with few rural. Living their life with a peaceful mind. Some of the rural’s work outside the hamlet for their family. They have one doctor called Raju and two nurses. Doctor Raju received a massage from a small boy who was panting. The doctor couldn’t able to understand what the boy was trying to say. “Can you have a seat little boy.” Doctor Raju said. The boy finally said, “Doctor Hurry up please, mom is giving a birth. Her condition is getting worse. I don’t have enough money I promise you that I will pay you back after you help mom. In this small hamlet women usually give birth buy themselves or help of other old women. Kind of traditions that let them save more money. The doctor smiled and said, “What is your name?” The boy replied, “Adnan.” Doctor Raju took his small bag with his two nurses. They arrived. The father was in downtown getting new clothes for newborn baby and for his wife. The doctor went inside the cottage where the boy lives. Cries of consecutive graduated from the pregnant mother were increasing. She was anxiety. The doctor calmed her down. He asked everybody to get out. Hours later, a baby girl has arrived in this world. Light up her small family with full of joy. Adnan was flying in the air. He wished if his father was there to join them. Adnan ran out to tell everyone that he got a baby sister.

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...he doctor warned her parents to keep her away from shocks. They tried to bring her back to life, but no one could. Nadia died in her real dad’s arm. What a happiness caused her death? Naida dead happily, between her real father and new family.
Years later, the real father went back to his village. He lived the way he used to live before. He was sad and happy at the same time because he saw his daughter, and she died. Jessie and John kept visiting Nadia 's grave and put a flower. Her classmate never forgot her. They kept coming to John and Jessie’s house to be in Nadia’s room and make prayers for her. Adan, Nadia’s brother got a new job. He took his father from the village and lived in a city. Their new life was full of surprises. The brother got married and had a baby girl. He called her Nadia. When they asked him the reason. He said she will be the luck of my life.

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