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ranvir Kals
Analyzing Jamal Al-Fayeed
Jamal Al-Fayeed is the main antagonist from from the television series Tyrant. Throughout the two seasons of the show, he has developed into a very complex character with an array of different personalities. Jamal is the oldest son of Khaled Al-Fayeed, former dictator of Abbudin. After his father’s death, Jamal, the rightful heir to the throne, assumed his position as the next ruler of Abbudin. Since his childhood, Jamal his been a mentee of his father – learning the ins and outs of becoming the ruler of a country. Through his experiences with his father, he picked up on how to deal with problems on a micro and macro level. However, these experiences that Khaled presented to Jamal were not for the eyes of a normal child – the harshness that Jamal experienced steered him to various psychological problems in his later adult years. Jamal has a short temper that leads him to use his power and influence rather then using logic and strategy in making decisions. His fits of anger and rage lead him to make not only poor decisions, but hazardous ones as well. Jamal Al-Fayeed can be evaluated using the cognitive domain and the intrapsychic domain.
The cognitive domain is concerned with “subjective experiences and other mental process” and that “people construct their experiences, how this works, and what it tells us about personality” (McGraw-Hill). The Personal Construct Theory is a theory is developed by George Kelly and falls under the cognitive domain. “Every man is, in his own particular way, a scientist;” according to this theory, people try to understand and develop a personal construct of the world around them by putting one’s own perceptions of the world to test (2). People use these personal ...

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...lows us to truly understand that the unconscious mind has a role in developing personalities. For example, Jamal’s guilty personality only occurs when he feels that he has not met standards that he has; this is not something that he would say himself. A drawback of this perspective is that Freud was under the impression that people act solely based on aggression or sex. However, in both situations described above, neither played a role in the personality development we saw in Jamal.
Individually, these two theories do not give the full overview of Jamal’s personality. Each perspective has a bit of a gray area that is not answered; however, if we look at Jamal using both of the perspectives, we get a clear and concise overview of Jamal’s personality. We are able to combine his unconscious thoughts with what he is thinking of throughout the show to get a clear picture.

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