Summary Of ' The Girl Goth Girl Katelyn Said Nothing Essay

Summary Of ' The Girl Goth Girl Katelyn Said Nothing Essay

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The Goth girl—Katelyn—said nothing; she just wore a mischievous smirk that curled up from around her pursed lips, her black lipstick giving her a sense of portentousness.
“Right this way, Katelyn.” Mr. Shaller then said gesturing to her with one of his fingers, and they both began to walk out of the cafeteria together, Katelyn a few feet in front of him. I had assumed that she was on her way to the principal’s office. But as she walked in front of Mr. Shaller on her way out of the cafeteria, she turned back looking over her shoulder at me with a giggle and gave me a small smile, and I couldn’t help myself but to laugh a little myself and smile right back at her.
After that, Erik, Donnie, Harlin, and the bitches pretty much kept to themselves until the period ended. I also had managed to lie low until the day was over, then I disappeared from the school’s grounds as soon as the last bell had rung.
On my walk back home joining me were two strays. They were both a little on the smaller side, one an olive-brown, the other a smoky grey. They kept pace with me as I walked, and I played with them by waving around a small tree branch that still had a few leaves attached to it. I had found it laying on the side of the road and thought it would make a good toy. As I waived the limb back-and-forth through the air, it would cause the cat’s natural instincts to kick in, and they would pounce on the branch’s leaves as if it were a mouse.
After arriving home I went in through the back leaving the cats out on deck waiting for me patiently as I slipped into the kitchen to get a saucer of milk for them. When I had returned I placed the saucer down on the deck watching the cats take to it right away. While they were busy lappin...

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...n’t ever let me drive anywhere?” I pouted.
“I said I’ll take ya driven. Just not in this, okay. I’ll teach ya in the Pontiac. It’ll be good that ya learn with somethin’ smaller anyways. Figurin’ it will probably be yours now.”
WHAT? I thought. The fucking Pontiac will be mine! You get an F-350 and I get the Family Truckster. Not even the Trans Am that I’d been promised. Boy, if my parents thought that I might be having a hard time making new friends now... Well, wait until everyone at school sees me pulling up in the pea-green eyesore.
“I’m not getting the Truckster.” I told him inexorably.
My step daddy then knowing full well that I would dig-in-my-heals then tried to mollify me by saying, “Yeah, well... We’ll see what we can get for it on a trade-in after you get your license then, okay?” He then lit up a cigarette, grinning at me like a fool.

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