Summary Of ' The Devil ' Essay

Summary Of ' The Devil ' Essay

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was walking Rodger with his hand on his shoulder saying, “This is my number one man he can get the job done whatever I tell him to do.” In the dream I stepped outside the building going over to Rodger letting him know I wanted to talk to him. He gets angry and he stood there with a frown on his face looking at me but I knew it was the devil leading him. Rodger don’t give up on God you are better than this you are being deceived the devil is deceiving you. Rodger slid down to the ground with his hands on his head. Rodger you need to be delivered I’ll be praying for you. At that moment I woke up from the dream instantly the Lord let me know the meaning of it. The devil was leading Rodger by the arm doing whatever he commanded him to do and pet him up with false delusions of being used by God when it is the devil himself that’s in control. Praying I asked, God what would you have me to do? Again he reminded me the blood would be required on my hands if I held my peace, with that I knew I Had to warn Rodger.
A week went by Rodger texted informing me that his father was released from the...

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