Summary Of ' The Client ' Joey Sanchez 5 Year Old Grandson Of Hector And Celia Sanchez '

Summary Of ' The Client ' Joey Sanchez 5 Year Old Grandson Of Hector And Celia Sanchez '

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I. The Client
Joey Sanchez 5 year old grandson of Hector and Celia Sanchez due to grandfather’s recent illness in which he is unable to return to work and maintain the house hold. Joey has been missing meals days at a time due to the lack of finances and food at home. Joey’s behaviors have increased at school and has been stealing food and fighting with peers and teachers. Joey’s teacher called in a report and it was investigated. Joey was arrested for punching a boy in the face breaking the boy’s nose after school, Joey was suspended from school. Due to Joey’s legal issues and lack of recourses at home a judge deemed Joey to be neglected and a removal was warranted. During the move Joey became upset and attacked Writer. Joey remains upset and disillusioned about move. Joey stated “You took me form people that love me why did you do that, I hate you! I’m going mess things up and break things.” (J. Sanchez, personal communication, October 7, 2016), as Joey cried and sank in to seat Joey stated “I know I did not have enough to eat but that’s ok we had each other.” (J. Sanchez, personal communication, October 7, 2016) Joey is at Piaget’s stage of development
In the preoperational stage (two to seven years), children continue to exhibit many limitations in their cognitive abilities. A major characteristic of this stage is egocentrism, which means that children cannot take into account the perspectives of others when thinking about objects or events. Children also tend to show characteristics of animism, the belief that inanimate objects have lifelike qualities. They also display a tendency known as centration, which means that they can focus on only one aspect of an object at a time. Children at this stage also lack a sense of cons...

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...e patient to overcome and endure the ordeal. Joey may not want to ignore the situation at this point, but soon he will want it to go away and some distain may manifest then. Also grandmother stated “resignarse” (resignation), or (to go with it) in term. Writer agrees as well that it will be easier for Joey to go with it at this point. For Joey to give in at this time is not an options but he will need to transition on own or with assistance of interventions, Joey may thrive. Ultimately Joey will need to overcome or (sobreponerse) with the help of others and services to endure.
In conclusion Joey may be struggling now to understand the situation and is only thinking on the present that he was moved, through some interventions and skills building Joey may begin to understand the trauma and work through it with the strengths present in him and his cultural background.

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