Summary of 64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference Essay

Summary of 64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference Essay

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At the Summit
Researching news reporting and information from the 64th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference in Bonn, Germany has yielded a very diverse picture. To begin, the focus of the summit was summarized in its slogan “Sustainable Societies: Responsive Citizens” (UNV, 2011). It was conducted in Bonn, Germany in September 2011 and attended, according to a UN website, by “more than 1,500 people – grassroots representatives from over 70 countries…representing 460 different NGOs” (UNV, 2011). Like many of its predecessors, the conference started off with ceremonies and excited, hopeful, and motivated participants. It offered workshops and lectures, discussion rounds and debates, as well as cultural events centering on activism and sustainability (UNV, 2011). Participants shared insights and unique perspectives concerning “links between sustainability and volunteerism” (UNV, 2011). They also shared best practices, deliberated the role of civil society and NGOs, and “forged documents that will be integrated into next year's Rio+20, the UN Conference on Environment and Development” (UNV, 2011). However, even though the UNV (2011) declared that the conference was “deemed a success,” not everyone appeared to share this positive view (UNV, 2011).
Some organizations appeared relatively pleased with the outcomes. For instance, “The Smile of the Child” organization reported that a consensus existed among speakers and participants concerning “the unprecedented increase of environmental crisis, but also the keen social awareness on environmental protection issues, as well as issues on individuals’ and political rights and the proper functioning of democracy” (The Smile of the Child, 2011). It seems that the organization would like to see “immedia...

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