Essay Summary Of ' Tell A Story '

Essay Summary Of ' Tell A Story '

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To tell a story is to expand tragedies, to spread the comedies, and to share the love and wisdom throughout humanity. Poets, musicians, authors, philosophers and even aristocrats have stories to tell. As a college student and aspiring author, I will share my story at the boundary of this realm. I will proceed to claim myself to be an adequate student and dispute the reason for this by comparing a mediocre student in contrast to me, a much more sophisticated student.
As proof of my ability, I present to you this craft in which I spew colors of emotion that paints my life. I begin by speaking of a person whom reads assignments at the last moment yet hopes for an amazing return. Excuses shape their lips as they spout reasons and plead innocent to the grand juror, hoping for leniency and pity. Having no shame whatsoever for the pathetic excuse of an assignment they have handed in, forcing your Excellency to feast upon such grotesque material. Such a student has no right to claim the justice of a perfect grade; the product is only a result of the effort made by the student for the professor. As the story goes with the hare who decided to run the race at the last minute, for we all know what lies ahead an individual whom is too lenient; it is better to be a turtle. Maybe my perspective is much too austere, as much of this growing society is tuning much more permissive than ever before. However, I am hoping to appeal to the much more unforgiving side of your judgment. As if there is an angel standing atop your right shoulder being overpowered by I, the demon on the opposing side.
I now admit that I am also on the same terms of this unreliable student when it comes to attendance. For shame, I have missed a few hours of yours knowledge, ...

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...her you can percept me as an adequate student or not, is entirely up to the evidence I have offered. If by this I am considered egocentric in any way I hope that I have only discussed the difference between such students. I have claimed to be a sophisticated student to this realm of English and please be aware that I do not esteem myself above others; actually it is quite the opposite. The world of language and stories is too big to grasp for such an adequate student as I. If I wish to hold in my palm as in my mind the intelligence of greatness, I would have to compare my writings to that of Plato or Homer; this is where my esteem comes from and my motivation dwells from. I have claimed such noble things and have only this craft of proof to them, a sophisticated student as I would not worry about the grade of my thoughts but only about the space enough for them grow.

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