Essay about Summary Of ' Taking My Parents On College ' By Jennie Capo Crucet

Essay about Summary Of ' Taking My Parents On College ' By Jennie Capo Crucet

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Taking My Parents to College
In Jennie Capo Crucet 's essay, “Taking My Parents To College,” Crucet describes her own experience as a freshman college student who was faced with many challenges that were unknown to her, as well as the cluelessness of what the beginning of her freshman year would look like. I felt like the biggest impression Crucet left on me while I was reading her essay, was the fact that I can relate to her idea of the unknown of college life. Throughout her essay, she described her personal experiences, and the factors one might face as a freshman college student which involved the unknown and/or uncertainty of what this new chapter would bring starting freshman year of college. Crucet’s essay relates to what most of us freshman college students, which is why I ultimately chose to analyze this specific text.
One of the first things that Crucet explains, that I thought that was unique, was when Crucet stated her uncertainty regarding the freshman orientation she attended. She says “We all thought we needed to be there for freshman orientation, the whole family, the entirety of it” (Crucet 1). I can understand Jennie 's thoughts on this because she didn 't know how to approach this first step of her college career. It is very similar to my first experience at orientation, because I, myself, did not know if my parents should leave or stay during my orientation. I feel that Crucet was similar to myself in this situation, because we were both unaware of the first steps to take as Freshman College students. Through-out our educational career, especially high school, you always received help with majority of everything regarding your education. This was the first step for Crucet to realize that she was, in fact, on...

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...ou don 't have to tell nothing to anyone.
Conclusively, as I was reading Crucet’s essay, I realized that we as college freshman students are not alone through this new process in our life. She describes her own experiences she faced and how she dealt with each individual issue to the best of her abilities or the best way a freshman college student can. Crucet provides us with an insight of the reality of the experience of college, and what one can expect entering this chapter in one’s life. I felt really connected to her, because I have dealt with the same situations she endured. An example would be such as my first orientation, or my first assignment as a freshman, or even how I view my work and grades as a freshman. In the end, I thank Crucet for stating points and her feelings as a student. As a student myself, it lets me know in the end, I am indeed not alone.

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