Summary Of ' 11 Signs Your It Project Is Doomed ' Essay example

Summary Of ' 11 Signs Your It Project Is Doomed ' Essay example

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Brief Summary
The “11 signs your IT project is doomed” article talks about recognizing signs that will tell you whether a program is likely to fail or not. The Article points out the importance of knowing and identifying signs of a project failure, since having that ability means saving a career.
Agree with Author
It is nearly impossible not to agree with either one or more of the signs the Author described. Everyone in the workforce regardless if one is an Engineer or a Project management, we have all encounter one or more of the signs the Author described. Out of the 11 signs the Author talked about, I personally can associate with the number 2; “No detailed project plan exists”. Currently I am working on a very important project at GE Healthcare (the project is confidential) the plan and the scope of the project are well established, but management has left something critical out of their plan, which is what will happen once the project is completed? The reason that question is important is because once the project reaches its end phase, and it goes out to the market; a new issue will arise. That issue is discounting manufacturing of our current product, that is the plan to stop production and end it there, but the current product hospital has can be counted by thousands. Even if something new comes to the market, companies will still use old products. That is why, we have suggested at the company to address that problem, by creating a plan in the current project plan which will allocate at least another ten years of support to the old product. This problem will not lead to the project plan to fail, but it will cause a problem after the project has ended.
Top 3 most important
1. “(2) No detailed project plan exists” To me this ...

... middle of paper ...

...ject the budget was misjudged at the end the company lost a few hundred thousand dollars because the project went over budget, at the end of the project it was learned why that happened. With that information one can avoid such problem from happing again,
What I learned from the Article
Mostly everything the Author wrote is well discussed in the book and in our lectures, although they are worded differently. Nevertheless, it reinforced what I had learned from your lecture and from the book. So… what is it that I relearned? Simply the importance of a well-defined project plan, the importance of having the flexibility to adjust to project changes, know that project plan is subject to change during the life of a project. Also the importance of deliverables and something not mentioned, but I think it’s really important, that is a person responsible for risk assessment.

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