Summary Of ' Rough And Impetuous ' Essay

Summary Of ' Rough And Impetuous ' Essay

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This passage begins with two adjectives: “rough and impetuous.” The reader does not know who these descriptions are being applied to until later on in the passage, where it is said “he,” meaning Gurth. Since the adjectives come before the subjective, more emphasis is placed on the qualities of Gurth, and the reader gains a lot of knowledge about the character before the character is revealed. “Rough and impetuous” is then compared to “a wild boar,” in a simile, with the use of the word “as.” Since Gurth is described as “rough and impetuous,” he is therefore similar to a wild boar. The next part of the quote states “where only earthly force was to be apprehended.” This phrase connects with the wild boar, and therefore Gurth by extension. The “only” means that there is just one singular quality, which is “earthly.” Therefore, there is no intellectual strength, just physical. Others did not have to worry (or “apprehend”) about the intellectual capacities of him, just his physical strength.
Gurth is then said to have “all the characteristic terrors of a Saxon.” The used of the word “t...

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