Essay on Summary Of ' Reyes Santos '

Essay on Summary Of ' Reyes Santos '

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Yanibel Reyes Santos

She just got up one day and decided to almost give her life up for her kids. Well she did not legitimately give her life away but you would think she should have after hearing our famous family story. What 's ironic about it is that it does not get told that often it rarely gets told, it just a story you know because it got told to you once and then after that you just knew. The young kids don 't get told it though. It took them literally 17 years to tell me the story I just recently found out. I guess we call it our famous family story because it 's the story behind my family coming to live to America.
My mother was born in Dominican Republic she was the first girl to the family so she always got spoiled and got everything she wanted. My grandmother knew that if she wanted to raise my daughter the way she always wanted to raise a girl, that she was going to have to move somewhere else to get a better life not only for herself but for her kids. She always said that if it wasn 't for my mom being born she wouldn’t have done what she did. It was a very rough decision.
The next trip was going to leave in November, the end of November. My grandmother knew that she was just gonna have to leave on that trip and give it a shot to see how it went. She spent her remaining days saying her goodbyes and getting prepared for her trip and everything she was going to have to encounter. She got her money paid it to the people she had to pay and then took money for herself so she wouldn 't be without money. The day was getting closer and closer and although she said her goodbyes to her whole family only 3 knew what was really going on.
The day of the trip came. My grandmother knew a couple of other people who were going to b...

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...ther came illegally to America just for the well-being of her kids. That story is always said in my family whenever anything bad happens or anyone is being ungrateful. We use the story to remind everyone what my grandmother did for us all to be here right now and that nothing compares to it. For my grandmother this means that we should all be grateful for what we have and not to thank her but to thank god for being with her every step of the way. This story is told whenever anyone needs to remember who really struggled to get here because after what my grandmother did no one in this family has struggled for anything like she did. This story shows how much my family would do just to see our family triumph. Until this day there are still people who ask her how she could have done that, how did she just get up one day and decided to almost give her life up for her kids.

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