Summary of Research Learning

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Activity Questions Activity #1- Bug Drawing 1. Why is there no exact match for a bug that looks like mine? 2. What was your reaction when we said we will be drawing a bug? Did a particular image already come to your mind? 3. What specifically could have been done differently, in order to make all the bug drawings look alike? 4. If questions were allowed to be asked, would it have made a difference? 5. How many of you wanted to ask questions? Activity #2- Story Telling 1. Was the final story similar to the original story? 2. Were you able to communicate the story clearly and accurately? 3. Do you feel that other individuals’ input are as reliable as the actual source? 4. How often do you think situations like this happen in organizations? 5. Is there a way to ensure that everyone hears the same story? Debrief Questions OD intervention consists of multiple aspects that are implemented in the organization in order to create an environment that is able to address its own issues and create solutions. At the end of an OD intervention, the final step is to debrief the activities and the actual intervention. “Debriefing can serve as an opportunity to reflect on an experience and make it meaningful by identifying what we learned about ourselves and others” (Holden Leadership Center). Debriefing allows for the group to come together as a whole and reflect on the key aspects of the intervention. The debrief sessions also allows the facilitator to wrap up the intervention in a meaningful way. By this, we mean that the facilitator recaps the necessary information that the group needs to take back and implement in the organization. Below are the debriefing questions we will be using for our OD intervention: 1. Are ... ... middle of paper ... ...hether or not the organization can continue to remain successful without our interference. With positive surveys, we will feel more confident in the organization being successful. This will also allow us to slowly remove ourselves from the organization. Works Cited Grace, E. (2010). Resolving conflict. Collector, 76(3), 32-33. Retrieved from Leading a Group Debrief. Holden Leadership Center. Retrieved March 14, 2012, from rief Townsley, C. A. Resolving Conflict in Work Teams - The Team Building Directory. The Team Building Directory - Advice about team building activities, companies and more. Retrieved March 14, 2012, from
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