Summary Of ' On The Birth Of My Mission ' Essay

Summary Of ' On The Birth Of My Mission ' Essay

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4. What was ‘Martinus MISSION’?
• THE PRIME or CORE MARTINUS’ MISSION WAS or IS “TO MAKE PEOPLE TO LOVE EACH OTHER”! LOVE is to become THE HABITUAL ABILITY -TO DO WHAT IS THE MOST LOVING THINGS TO DO IN ANY GIVEN SITUATION. “Love alone constitutes the distinctive mark of divine affinity” and all-pervading love results in general mental co-habitation, harmony between intelligence & emotion – perfect satisfaction of our greatest desires and the pinnacles of bliss state in physical sphere of existence. ”. (Quotes from book # , ‘ON THE BIRTH OF MY MISSION’, chapter #6)
• After the age of thirty and the experienced Powerful Transformation of Consciousness, Martinus was completely devoted to the job of Conveying the Absolute Truth on the inner Structure Life, on the Eternal and Infinite Universe, and on the Eternal Laws that Govern & Maintain Life, making highly abstract content INTELLIGIBLE to the advanced human intelligence.
• Martinus strongly advised to be extremely skeptical & critical of his work, that must be “…verified by anyone ethically disposed and sufficiently impartial and open minded”, knowing NO ONE COULD CONTRADICT ANYTHING.
• He said, “We are neither Sect nor Association, WE ARE MORAL STANDARD!” and to those labeling his work as ‘MARTINISM’, he said, “They Really Did Not GRASP what they are dealing with.” (quotes from his public lectures given in Copenhagen Denmark 1963)
• He was stressing out the fundamental realities of life refereeing to the high spiritual content, ”My life as one strong ...

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...ade’ science will start with measurements of weight, a size of the book, the font, and color used, by counting a number of letters, a paper will be sent on chemical analysis etc. THE MEANING / THE MENTAL CONTENT behind the strings of letters they CANNOT ‘decode’. They regretfully behave as a dog or an illiterate person which enters a library - ‘sniffs around’ for a food than soon after gets out. Martinus Cosmology READS ‘Book of Life’. A ‘BOOK’ EQUALS LIFE
• Man-made ‘science’ cannot make DISTINCTION between Object & Subject. Per example, they say, ‘I see beautiful vase’. Spiritual Scientist, would in stringent terms say correctly, ‘I have a mental image of the sensory reaction on that vase, which I find beautiful’
• A ’man-made’ science is PARTIAL - covers only 1/3rd of the whole evolutionary spiral cycle & ”WON’T BE EVER ABLE TO FIGURE OUT ANY LIFE RIDDLE.

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