Summary Of ' Observations From The Refuse Heap ' Essay

Summary Of ' Observations From The Refuse Heap ' Essay

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Anuradha Singh
Fall 2014
Biblical Annotation
MacMillan, Malcolm, and Peter J. Swales. "Observations from the Refuse-heap: Freud, Michelangelo 's Moses, and Psychoanalysis." ProQuest: Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins University Press, 9 Sept. 2011. Web. 1 Nov. 2014. .

These authors Macmillan and Swales have written over 33 scholarly journals put together, they also take chapters and verses out of the bible and put it to terms with psychological interpretations. The publisher’s qualification is surprisingly high, since it is a university press, which mandates scholarly journals from professors and other authors. The article is intended for those biblical scholars and historians, who want to look at this passage from different views, like psychology.
This article is about the face of Moses after he came back to the Israelites, how it showed so brightly. The Israelites were scared of his face because his face was too bright. Even though there are sections about Moses’s face, but majority of the article is about Moses’ being horned. This case was looked over by Thode, Lloyd, Freud, and Mellinkoff. Mellinkoff explained that horned Moses’ was from the fact that he was disfigured and monstrous. Hence the reason Michelangelo’s Moses has a set of horns, since he is depicted as a monster. Freud states that Michelangelo’s Moses was psychoanalysis, out of memory and out of the text. Thode comment that the horns are a mistranslation of the Hebrew of Exodus to Latin. Lastly Lloyd, restates the same thing as Thode, that the word horns was misinterpreted from Hebrew to Greek
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...ites were afraid of him because he was so glorified; he was powerful from talking to God. Propp’s states that there wasn’t another time where Moses was powerful or showed glory, even when the Tabernacle was made. Another author (whose name I do not have) goes into detail on why the Israelites were afraid of Moses. Moses was disfigured, which is why he has to wear a veil. Now this author that commented on Propp’s work explains, that since God has a fiery form, even angels don’t spend more than a day with God, because their faces turn black. Moses spent 40 days with God, so his face became worse and worse each time. There were some issues though, with the text and the commentaries, it seems that the P source was used in analyzing, writing notes, and the commentaries, there was no hint of the J, D, and E source that I could find, so there were some biases with sources.

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