Essay about Summary Of ' My Great Aunt Naomi '

Essay about Summary Of ' My Great Aunt Naomi '

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As Aunt Colleen told the story, my great aunt Naomi, was considered a lazy woman by her family because she didn’t keep a clean home. To them it was no wonder that she lost her husband to a woman who kept a clean house.
Naomi’s sister, Ruth, was jealous. Ruth made a novena to the Virgin, asking for Naomi’s teeth to rot, but Naomi lived to old age and never lost her teeth or her beauty. It was said about her that even in her seventies she looked middle age.
Her family attributed her health in old age to a pact that she made with the devil. Witchcraft explained Naomi’s ability to keep a boyfriend, who was thirty years younger than she was. Naomi attributed her health to the time she spent in the woods with the oaks.
Aunt Colleen said Naomi had the ability to apprehend the true nature of things Aunt Claudia had the same gift. To prove it my aunt used the example of Naomi figuring out it was her Uncle Earnest who ate all the Christmas pudding. He claimed to be too sick to leave his bed, and that Christmas Eve, he ate the pudding while others were at midnight mass. Naomi proved it by finding a drop of chocolate on his nightshirt.
Naomi proved that her Uncle Jack sliced the bottom of his brothers’ boats because the twins caught more fish than he and his best friend caught. She noticed that the holes had a jagged edge where the knife punctured the hide. This was because Uncle Jack’s knife had a chip near the tip of the blade. Therefore, the knife caught and tore the hide.
It was said that Naomi cast a spell on the Bucher’s son, which caused him to ignore her sister’s Delilah’s crooked nose. That was until the priest accidently sprayed holy water on the butcher’s son face. That broke the spell, and the next day Delilah’s husband boa...

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... day the boys left, Trefer’s father and his uncle prayed to Saint Christopher that the boys would return.
They had told the boys that to die in the ocean was horrible because ocean fisherman have no saint. The Welsh fisherman had Saint Christopher because he carried the baby Jesus across a raging river. He protects the Welsh fishermen. The boys laughed and of course on their first ocean trip they all drowned. It was predictable. The family thought all was lost. They packed up the family and moved to the USA.
“Why hadn’t I heard this before,” I asked?
“Your Grandfather forbade everyone to talk about it. He said we had to grieve in solitude out of respect for the dead,” Colleen answered.
“What do you think,” I asked as we entered the driveway to my Aunt Claudia’s house.
“I think we better get things ready for tonight, and we’ll talk about it later,” Colleen said.

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