Summary of Muhammad's Life Essay

Summary of Muhammad's Life Essay

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Muhammad was born in Mecca, in around 570 C.E. Mecca was a great city for trading, and most of Muhammad’s relatives were traders and business people. He belonged to the Banu Hashim clan, a prominent familiy of Mecca, but the clan was not prosperous during Muhammad's early life. He became an orphan at the age of 6 as his father, Abdullah, died before Muhammad was born, and his mother, Amina, died of illness. His grandfather and uncle looked after him during his early years. He later worked as a merchant or a shepherd, and married at the age of 25. Muhammad married a widow named Khadijah and joined her in business. He started off very poor, but then he became a very skilled trader and manager.
Muhammad made it a habit to retreat to a cave in the surrounding mountains and visited to meditate and pray. In 610, at age 40 while he was there, he received a powerful message through the angel Gabriel, from God. He was given advice and guidance in many areas. Three years after this happened, Muhammad started preaching these messages publicly. What he was told is recorded in the Qur’an, which ...

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