Summary Of Mitch 's ' Starry Night ' Essay

Summary Of Mitch 's ' Starry Night ' Essay

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Mitch, and Cam are also portrayed in various ways as looking out for their straight friends and are therefore shown to be emotionally capable of aiding their friends. For example, Mitchell and Cameron often counsel Jay on his relationship with new wife Gloria, Claire with regard to her spacey husband Phil, and Manny on self-confidence. In one particular scene Mitch speaks to his stepbrother Manny about accepting and embracing being different: “This is the funny thing about growing up: For years and years everyone’s desperately afraid to be different in any way. And then suddenly, almost overnight, everybody wants to be different. And that is where we win.” (“Starry Night,” 19:22). By being shown as a legitimate source of advice for their straight peers, Modern family again reduces the idea of the gay other, showing that being gay does not mean they cannot understand or relate to the issues faced by their straight counterparts.

This conversation is Here is an instance where Mitch’s sexuality has made him wise. However, though the viewer knows that Mitch’s gayness is a big part of this “difference” he speaks about, Mitch does not directly mention it. In this way, Mitch’s sexuality and the struggles he may have undergone because of it do not become the focus; instead, Mitch’s loving and protective relationship with Manny is emphasized. However, Mitch’s sexuality is prioritized and placed at the forefront of many other episodes—in no way is homosexuality erased. Storylines are diverse for gay characters on these shows: While sexuality is often openly discussed, their sexual orientation is not the only element of the character’s being that motivates their storylines. They are not simply reduced to representations of their sexuality. ...

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... his house. When Mitch and Phil make it to the airport in time, their significant others are very relieved and the couples embrace. However, while Claire and Phil share a big kiss in the foreground of the shot, Mitch and Cam can only be seen embracing in the background. This is a moment that demonstrates how straight and gay couples are treated differently within the show. While Mitch and Cam are only allowed to be affectionate to a certain extent, straight couple Claire and Phil do not have these restrictions. As gay men have frequently been characterized as hypersexual in the past, the decision to portray Mitch and Cam in this limited way, without negating the opportunity for he characters to experience romance could be seen as largely positive, but their apparent lack of sexuality seems extreme and perpetuates an aversion to on screen depictions of gay sexuality.

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