Essay on Summary Of Mayra Is A Colombian 21 Year Old

Essay on Summary Of Mayra Is A Colombian 21 Year Old

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Mayra Almanzar is a colombian 21 year old, who’s about 4’11 and weighs around 110 pounds, she did not graduate high school but after having her son she went back to school and received her GED. Parenting is the leading reason that teens drop out of school. (Shuger 2013) She comes from a very old fashion household, her parents are still married, the dad does the hard work and the mom is a stay at home mother who dedicates her time to her husband. Mayra has an older sister who barely speaks any english but has her son of her own as well. I don 't know much about Mayra 's upcoming but she does live in a house which her parents bought when they hit the lottery. Their home is divided into three bedrooms one is Mayra 's with her son, the other room is the mothers and fathers and the third room is her older sisters who still lives at home with her son. She lives in a neighborhood called bensonhurst which is one of the good neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Mayra got pregnant at 18 and had her son at 19 years old. In 2008 nearly 750,000 women younger than 20 became pregnant (Kost, Henshaw 2014) Mayra just so happen to become one of those teens. Siah is a nickname they call her son who will turn two soon. After a couple of months of staying home with her newborn Mayra went right back to work, she was working at babiesrus a regular teenage retail job, but she was happy she had any income coming in. Mayra then attended a nursing school for a couple of months until paying out of pocket became a problem. It alway hasn 't been easy on her but she never gave up, Mayra then got a job at Quest Diagnostics a laboratory for patiences doing bloodwork. Shes finally in a happy environment working in a place that has something to do with the carrier she wants ...

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...a child and many doctors recommend you to do so as well. The birth control pills, IUD, Birth control shot, Diaphragm, Birth control patch, Vaginal ring and Birth control implants are the most common birth controls. (Planned Parenthood) Mayra overall is a strong person who made one simple mistake, now her life is slowly coming together and now she knows what she needs to continue to do to better herself. She also faces a lot of challenges her most difficult one is being a single parent. I would recommend Mayra to go see a counselor or even a shrink, having an abortion can take a toll on your life, it may not now but down the line you 'll start to questions if your choice was right. Another great option for her is the abortion recovery hotline which can call anyday at anytime since she 's a single mother who works full time going to an office might be difficult for her.

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