Summary Of ' Hungry Caterpillar ' Essay example

Summary Of ' Hungry Caterpillar ' Essay example

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Myrin needed a birthday present for his little cousin but he does not have any money to spend. He thought and thought, but came up with nothing. He wandered around his room looking for inspiration; searching his selves, he stopped at his books. Scanning the tittles for something to spark his imagination he came across one of his old children’s books called “Hungry Caterpillar”, he had read it probably a hundred times himself and a hundred more to his little cousins. Then it hit him I’ll make a book for my cousin, a new one he will love. But then the question of “how?’ popped into his mind, and that’s what I’m going to explain to you now. Creating children’s books is a very creative process you might think they are really simple but it can take a lot of thought, fun thought though, to put one together. I have made one with my girlfriend, Amber, it is called “The Lost Trunk”. It about an elephant, who lost his nose and can’t find it anywhere, so he enlists the help of his Pegasus roommate, and they go on a hunt around their apartment, only to have the Pegasus find the trunk in the first place he looked, under the couch cushion. It’s a really fun book and I have shown it to many people of all ages and they all like it a lot. My girlfriend and I have a few other books in the works and it is so much fun writing them.
To start off the process of making a children’s book you need to get some ideas out. For this you can reference other children’s books you have read in the past. I personally believe the number one most important thing to think about before starting is your audience. How old is the person or people you are writing for? What kind of interests do they have? Is there and life lesson they could benefit form learning right n...

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... just print it out and bind it together. You can look online for thousands of ideas on how to creatively bind your book together or you can just use simple staples, whichever you prefer.
Once you have it all bind together just wrap it up and give it to the child. I would like to get my book professionally published and sold in store but I’m not really sure what the process looks like. It would really amazing to make a career out of this for myself but it is difficult for, any writer really, to make money off their books, so its probably not something you would want to base your life around. Creating children’s books is fun, easy, and cheap. You can make them for younger children in your family, or even your friends your age, however you can take the subject matter to a different place if you are making it for someone your own age or older. Creativity is endless.

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