Summary Of Homer 's ' Odysseus ' Essay

Summary Of Homer 's ' Odysseus ' Essay

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Summary: Odysseus begins telling his story to the king and queen beginning from when he left Troy and begins with his home island of Ithaca. He tells of how he made Calypso believe that he loved her and then begins filling in details from the Trojan War to being captured by Calypso. He recounts the tails of the land of the Kikonians, the lotus eaters, and then of how the cyclops just wanted to eat all of them and Odysseus had to use trickery in order to escape the island, but is foolish enough to let the cyclops know his real name. Since the cyclops is a son of Poseidon, he has his father curse Odysseus. When Odysseus finally lands, he makes a sacrifice to Zeus who rejects it.
Commentary: The way the book is set up so it’s eight chapters in before we get to know the long prologue of how Odysseus managed to get where he was. Odysseus has certainly not gotten rusty in his intelligence from the war as he is able to use his cunning wit and very specific choice of words to be able to escape the cyclops, the lotus eaters, and the Kikonians. However, as human nature always kicks in for even the greatest of heroes, Odysseus experiences pride in his ability to escape Polyphemus and it is due to this pride that much of the remainder of the book occurs. This is no different than a mischievous teen causing graffiti to signing their name on the vandalism. Or in my case writing my name on the desk at school when the teacher told us not to in second grade and she saw right through my lie of not doing it because it was assigned seating. Back to the point, pride is one sin that can cause some very large problems to occur and should be avoided at almost all costs.
21. Book X Odysseus and Circe
Summary: Odysseus recounts of his encounter with the g...

... middle of paper ...

...more and more shades come to drink the blood.
Commentary: One can only imagine how Odysseus is feeling while he is recounting all of his relatively recent experiences. The idea of having to tell, basically strangers, about seeing your mother’s ghost and not being able to hug her one last time must have been a tear jerker for anyone listening, let alone Odysseus himself who actually had to live through it. Then imagine having to learn that when you finally make it back home, your wife has dozens of men chasing after her hand in marriage and having to fight the suitors. Odysseus certainly was a man of determination, minus sleeping with a few women on the side, because not many people would still be determined to make it home several years after they should have been when it would have been so much easier to stay with Circe of Calypso who were already attracted to him.

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