Summary Of ' Her Claims About The Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

Summary Of ' Her Claims About The Atlantic Slave Trade Essay

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In the excerpt provided from Anne Slavtralantic’s book, her claims about the Atlantic Slave Trade are almost entirely false. Her statements in regards to the Europeans being the sole initiator of slavery, that the African societies that the Europeans encountered were primitive, and that the Africans resisted the relationships, are entirely false.
Slavtralantic claims that the Atlantic slave trade was almost entirely caused by the Europeans. This suggests that they had an overwhelming role in comparison to the Africans. However, this claim almost undermines Africa’s role in the slave trade entirely. When examining primary forces, it becomes clear that most of the kidnapping and acquiring of slaves was done by Africans themselves. In Olaudah Equiano’s recollection of when he was first kidnapped as a slave, he hints that he was kidnapped by other Africans. He mentioned how they spoke a similar language and had similar customs to that of his own. He finally met the Europeans when he reached the coast to board the slave ship. “Their complexions too differing so much from ours, their long hair, and the language they spoke, (which was very different from any I had ever heard)” (Equiano 64) He mentions that this was six to seven months after he had been kidnapped. (Equiano 64) This implies that in those months, he was handled and slave only to Africans. Therefore, Slavtralantic’s claim in regards to the largest role in the slave trade belonging to the Europeans is false.
On a similar note, Slavtralantic claims that the African’s were forced into these relationships of which they tried to resist, but to no avail, when in fact, African’s played a strong role in these relationships. Assuming that the relationships that Slavtralantic is r...

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...themselves as uncivilized. It was quite the opposite. When Equiano was progressively brought nearer to the coast, he encountered a set of people of the likes of which he had never previously encountered. “I was very much struck… when I came among a people who did not circumcise, and ate without washing their hands… fought with their fists amongst themselves. Their women were not so modest as ours…” (Equiano 63)
In closing, Slavtralantic’s claims regarding the Europeans being the greedy initiator of the Atlantic slave trade, that the African societies that the Europeans encountered were primitive and uncivilized, and that the Africans resisted the relationships, are false. As tragic as slavery was, and continues to be today in some parts of the world, it is undeniable that the role of Africa in the slave trade, other than being slaves, was not small in the slightest.

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