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Summary Of Goodbye By Robert Graves Essay example

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Robert Graves wrote Goodbye to All That, an autobiographical war memoir, staring with a brief introduction to his life, continuing to World War One, and finishing shortly thereafter. Graves voices numerous opinions on various subject matter continually throughout the memoir, however, for certain subjects he tends to contradict himself, between his musings, thoughts and actions. This essay will explore how Graves view on class and social status varied throughout his memoir, and how this pertained to his life.
Graves’ view of class and status had been contrived through his early family life. His mother came from a family of doctors, as well as she gained a wealthy inheritance from caring for an elderly lady. His father, a writer with a historical family, was a widower with five kids who needed a mother. Thus Graves entered an entitled family when he was born, with wealth and influence. He even describes the first time he himself noticed class and status. While he was a young boy he had caught scarlet fever and was put into a hospital as to not infect the other children. Graves describes how he never noticed he was treated any different than the commoner children because he was used to “the kindness and spoiling.” Though he did notice how the nurses treated another little boy, fanning over him even after he was gone, as the child was of higher status than Graves. When he returned home he started to notice more instances, such as his servants, though Graves makes no mention that the act of having them was in itself class, called the children ‘miss’ or ‘master’ because they were of lower class than the kids. Graves also attended various preparatory schools growing up , giving him a higher class education with the option of obtai...

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...cause too many people had lost their lives, and did not partake in the celebrations like many other soldiers. Graves realized that this war was an old man 's war, sacrificing the young willing to fight, especially since it had drawn on for so long. This idea is a revolt of the brave officer who simply does as he is told without asking question.
Graves was very pessimistic about the realities of World War One, and just because he was an officer did not mean he was happy to be fighting, though he did partake in some of the perks that came with the position. As with his view on status and rank outside of war, it remained stable, once out of childhood. He regarded himself as a liberal man who tried to avoid anything that dealt with upper class Britain, which may have been a result of his realization that the war he was fighting for was to protect that very class.

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