Summary Of George Fitzhugh 's ' Cannibals All Essay

Summary Of George Fitzhugh 's ' Cannibals All Essay

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George Fitzhugh’s, Cannibals All (Excerpt) is a primary document that appropriately argues that it is in the United State’s best intentions to preserve negro slavery across the South and the rest of the country in effort to sustain better lives for American negroes. Frederick Douglass argues in his piece, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave that society is responsible for shaping the negro community into slavery, and that abolition is necessary to remove that from existence. The author, Fitzhugh is a considerably significant individual who has a strong political background and is recognized for pro-slavery theology, influencing him to be a prominent figure in the context of arguing for the justification of slavery. The target audience that Fitzhugh strives to induce with his piece are not necessarily white Southerners, but predominantly Northerners whom are convinced that slavery is detrimental. Fitzhugh surprising does not carry himself as a racist which enables him to tolerate the opposing view of his fellow countrymen as he explains why it is important to conceptualize both sides of the debate. Evidently the style of arguing for George Fitzhugh reciprocates his political background which causes him to sympathize with both sides, which during this time is uncommon if you are an advocate for non-abolition. Fitzhugh’s perspective on slavery seems confusingly ignorant, since he considers negroes as naturally inferior to all other races and incompetent of developing like western ideologies or practices. He feels as though it is critical of the United States as a nation to heed to the negro population and care for them through private ownership by whites. He suggests that this is the most beneficial approac...

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...ed that slaves are a part of society considering the fact that his reference dated thousands of years ago. Frederick Douglass encourages a society that is tolerant through narrative appeal because he associates himself closely with the negro slaves just like him. Fitzhugh fails to comprehend this advantage that Douglass has in terms of arguing about abolition. Fitzhugh tries to elaborate on a plan to develop society to become more tolerant one, but an educated society in Douglass’s perspective by far incorporates values that both whites and blacks could easily adjust to. Education and reducing ignorance is the solution that the argument for slavery is in need of receiving, which Douglass imposes as necessary because he is educated and therefore a credible source. His opinion reflects the majority, and offers a much respectable approach that Fitzhugh strives to attain.

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