Summary Of ' Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels And His New Partner ' Essay

Summary Of ' Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels And His New Partner ' Essay

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In 1954, Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule, from Seattle travel to Shutter Island in Boston to investigate a disappearance of a patient there, Rachel Solando. The female patient was admitted to the institution after drowning her three children for no apparent reason. She suffers from delusions that her children are still alive and she is simply away on vacation. His ulterior motive for accepting this assignment is because he believes Andrew Laeddis is imprisoned in the C-Ward on the island, which is reserved for the most dangerous criminals, and wants to avenge his wife’s death. Teddy is a veteran WWII soldier, traumatized by the war experience in the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp and the loss of his beloved wife in a criminal fire. Teddy has extreme trust issues and becomes paranoid that everyone is trying to cover-up the truth about what is really happening on the island because he is unable to access the records of employees or the patients and feels that the management obstructs his investigation by the Federal facility. This is Teddy’s identity from his own viewpoint, which is later revealed to all be a delusion in his own mind. Teddy Daniels whose real name is Andrew Laeddis is actually a patient at the asylum, admitted after murdering his wife two years ago; his supposed partner (chuck) all along was his doctor, who was attempting to cure him of his insanity.
Edward (Teddy) Daniels also known as Andrew Laeddis, the main character in the psychological movie, Shutter Island, suffers from an extreme form of schizophrenia. Andrew is both addicted to alcohol and his work, this is shown in the movie when he comes home late in the evening and as soon as he comes home he opens a cabinet an...

... middle of paper ...

...uilt. His walls are not strong and he poses a threat to himself and the people around him on the island.
Overall Andrew behaves as a normal adult at all times. He does not make weird faces, is not overly a reserved or a recluse person, and is able to articulate his ideas clearly even though they are his delusions. In addition to his delusions, Andrew is known to have extreme hallucinations with the right trigger. As I previously mentioned, he can become derailed when near large bodies of water, when he hears certain types music, or when there are simply too many flashes of light around him. His ups and downs are determined by his own personal mental tempo, so they are not easy to predict. His lifestyle with this form of schizophrenia also involves some extremely violent flashes of anger toward other patients onto who he projects his own past horrors and mistakes.

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