Summary Of ' Down The Rabbit Hole She Goes ' Essay

Summary Of ' Down The Rabbit Hole She Goes ' Essay

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Down the rabbit hole she goes; her curiosity sparked as to why a rabbit could be in such a rush. Alice in Wonderland, a classic tale from 1951: Based on the books Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Alice is a child living in the real world, her imagination just too big for others to understand.
The story is appealing to young viewers, with animated characters that live in a world where nothing is as it seems, Wonderland. These characters make us laugh, and wish for a place like Wonderland. To a child this place would be wonderful ! But they would never understand the true meaning of the story. Lewis Carroll created metaphors throughout the story, so the viewers would have a better understanding of life, and the relationships they hold. Alice created Wonderland to make up for the lack of imagination in the real world. She was constantly told not to believe in impossible things; so she created a world where everything was impossible. The moral of the story is not about white rabbits running late, or tea time it’s much bigger than that. The story is about the impact of parents on their children, and the effect it had on them as they age.
The main character Alice, brings us on this journey that begins with the rabbit. At first her main focus is finding the rabbit, but her small mind is distracted by much bigger things. The audience is introduced to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, as soon as she enters Wonderland. After all their efforts to get Alice interested in listening to them; repeatedly hitting each other on the heads, offering to have a battle, telling stories; Alice refuses.
This scene was significant because not only did the violence seem “harmless” but as they hit each other it sounded like a clown 's horn....

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...ce is meant to hate the Queen of Hearts. Her temper is quick to be set off; much like a child throwing a tantrum. Of course there’s not a child sending people away to have their heads cut off, but it’s to get their reaction to understand that temper tantrums are not okay.
The card’s sing a song, “Painting the Roses Red” as said before the song is catchy, the audience will hum along really missing the part when they say “or soon we’ll lose our heads” The cards knew they had done wrong, and tried to fix their mistake before the Queen found out, in the end they didn’t make it. They were dragged away to have their heads cut off. Children don’t understand; and that’s the purpose of it. They seem less of characters because they were cards, now if the White Rabbit was being dragged away it would have a negative effect on the children, and the meaning of it would be lost.

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