Essay about Summary Of ' Death Of A Salesman '

Essay about Summary Of ' Death Of A Salesman '

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A Crazy Man at Best:
A Summary of “Death of a Salesman”

Authors write with a purpose, sometimes this purpose is hidden and political, while sometimes it challenges the norm, while yet other times they write just to tell a moving story. In the end, however, all writers have the same goal: to produce a work that causes their readers to think about the plot and use their own mind to decipher the meaning. Arthur Miller is an exceptional author who possesses talent that exceeds the traditional author. Miller is one of the authors who chooses to challenge political figures, the norm, and many other assumed things about society, at least for his time. Arthur was born in 1915 and died in 2005; this gives a relative idea of the time period in which he lived. He does this majorly through writing two American plays, “The Crucible,” and “Death of a Salesman.” “Death of a Salesman” was performed in 1949 and portrays, for the most part, a dysfunctional family. Miller himself had three wives, so he was well-experienced in this area of dysfunctional families. In this play, Miller greatly challenges the idea of an ideal family with two parents who love each other and children who are beautiful and successful. These families are only a figment of our imagination to Miller. We can assume his life has somewhat to do with this assumption of his, but sadly, Miller happens to be right about this dysfunctional family, for the most part. “Death of a Salesman,” also addresses tragedy, as does “The Crucible.” Tragedy is something everyone will become familiar with at some point in their life, but that does not mean everyone will be able to handle it properly. The main character of “Death of a Salesman,” the man who ends up with the fateful death, is named ...

... middle of paper ... ironic ways. Arthur Miller uses this play to portray the idea that families are dysfunctional and society has placed a standard which cannot be meant, leading into his preceding and most dominant idea that everyone believes they must be liked, and most people are living in a fantasy world, not really aware of the sad truths which we all must face. These sad truths came out in this play when Willy ended up committing suicide, and it was clear he had convinced his family of his false beliefs, going down with an affair under his belt that his wife was not aware of. This dysfunctional family challenges all the norms of traditional society for that time, this was clearly Arthur Miller’s objective, to challenge society and cause the readers to think, and step out of the dream world in which their fantasy cannot come true, except in the case of hard work and dedication.

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