Summary Of ' Charlie Wales ' Essay example

Summary Of ' Charlie Wales ' Essay example

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Charlie Wales is a stand-up guy or at least he is trying to be. He is trying to convince everyone around him, including himself, that he is sober. Personally, I think he is far from sober. A sober person doesn’t need to constantly talk about the one drink a day he/she has. A sober person doesn’t have one drink a day, they abstain all together. He may have turned a new leaf and is trying to get on the right track, but he is far from where he should be. When in recovery, you should avoid the places you used to get into trouble in and the people who got into trouble with. However, he starts off the story by leaving his brother-in-law’s address at the Ritz Carlton bar for Duncan Schaeffer, one of his old cronies. ““If you see Mr. Schaeffer, give him this,” he said. “It’s my brother-in-law’s address. I haven’t settled on a hotel yet”” (1). He knows the type of person Duncan is, so if he is truly trying to stay on the straight and narrow, why would he leave his brother-in-law’s address knowing the type of trouble this could bring? A sign of someone not truly in recovery is someone who self-sabotages. He clearly isn’t ready to give up his old ways completely. He may not want to go back t6o that life fully, but he still clearly wants a taste of it.
If he was truly trying, could have avoided encounters with people who bring him down “” Charlie, I believe you’re sober,” she said judicially. “I honestly believe he’s sober, Dunc. Pinch him and see if he’s sober”” (8). He may outwardly act like that lifestyle is behind him, but time and time again we see that it’s not. This trip was supposed to be time spent with his daughter. Also, this is his chance to try and regain guardianship of her. However, when he saw Duncan and Lorraine while out t...

... middle of paper ... he tries to pass the blame off to them, multiple times ““What an outrage!” Charlie broke out. “What an absolute outrage!”” (17). ““I didn’t tell them to come here. They wormed your name out of somebody. They deliberately--”” (18). ““I wish you’d explain to her I never dreamed these people would come here. I’m just as sore as you are”” (18). Seriously, he is so quick to forget that he left the address so that Duncan could find him.
It is sad that he is unable to take his daughter with him, but old habits die hard. He sabotaged himself over and over by leaving old sections of his life open, so that at any moment one of those sections could come crashing through. He needs to take more time to focus on getting right with himself so he can do right by his daughter. Maybe with some more time he can really change, change for the better and Marion won’t have to worry.

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