Essay on Summary Of Charles Dickens 's ' The Great Gatsby '

Essay on Summary Of Charles Dickens 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Biographical Summary

On February 7, 1812, a popular author named Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England during the Victorian Era and the French Revolution. He had a father named John Dickens and a mother named Elizabeth Dickens; they had a total of eight children. In Charles’s childhood, he lived a nomadic lifestyle due to his father 's debt and multiple changes of jobs. Despite these obstacles, Charles continued to have big dreams of becoming rich and famous in the future. His father continued to be in and out of prison, which forced him, and his siblings to live in lodging houses with other unwanted children. During this period of depression, Charles went to numerous schools and worked for a boot cleaning company. This caused him to have a dubious view on his dreams after all. (Karen 107)
In order to entertain himself, Charles Dickens went to many Shakespearean plays and read a variety of books at the British Museum where he began his “self-education”. He felt that he should have a right to continue his education, so he taught himself through books at the library daily. The Library was a place where Charles Dickens was able to read many classics and Shakespearean works, which led to his realistic genre of literature. (Karen 611)
At the age of twenty-four, Charles Dickens eventually got married to Catherine Dickens and had a total of ten kids. During this time, Charles was beginning to achieve his dream of becoming rich and famous. He worked for many newspaper companies where he began publishing successful articles. After writing articles, Charles started to write well known novels which caused Charles’s fame to boost around the world . Eventually his success led the married couple into a beautiful four-story house ...

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...leading him to his overall genre of writing, Realism. Although many critics view Charles’s literature as a form of circumlocution, I view his works as exquisite pieces of art. After reading about Charles Dickens, the lifestyle he has endured, and the works he has produced, he has inspired me to continue chasing my dreams no matter the obstacles that stay in my path.

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