Essay about Summary Of ' Away And Farther Away '

Essay about Summary Of ' Away And Farther Away '

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farther and farther away. Daniel particularly enjoys building things with legos, lincoln logs, and bricks. The girls played with each other in many different ways including ball games, wrestling, and even dress up. Sawyer asked me to play kickball with them and she made up the rules for the game. Daniel plays with cowboy figures and the log houses that he built. All the kids from both groups played a game together at one point. It’s like marco polo but without the pool. We had one kid blindfolded and he would try and tag the rest. The younger kids mostly ran around whoever was ‘it’ and screamed. They would try and get as close as possible to the child who was ‘it’ and some of them even touched him or her. The older kids actually avoided the person who was ‘it’. When it was Daniel’s turn to be it I heard him counting how many kids that he tagged. Sawyer wanted to be it every single time.
Cognitive Development
Daniel didn’t really speak to anyone except his own siblings unless I asked him a question. The girls on the other hand were very talkative but they mostly only talked about whatever was happening directly in front of them. I was only able to ask Daniel where he would put his third eye but his answer was very interesting. He said that his third eye would be on the back of his head so he could see behind himself. When I did the test with the two cups holding the same amount of water, Sawyer thought the bigger cup had more water even though she saw that they were the same before I poured one into the bigger glass. Erika and Madison both answered correctly that the cups had the same amount still. Daniel’s answer was strange but I think it was my fault in how I performed the test. He answered that the smaller glass had ...

... middle of paper ... more water was in that one. So far Daniel has showed that he is more developed cognitively so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt here. Sawyer was the only one in group 2 who got answered incorrectly and thought the amount of water changed because it looked bigger. Overall, it seems that group 2 is mostly in the concrete operational stage as they were able to understand that the amount of liquid stayed the same even as it moved to a bigger glass.
The most profound thing that I noticed between the two groups is that the older group was far more social and also more thoughtful in the games they played and the questions that I asked them. The younger group was more prone to playing individually. I also noticed that boys enjoyed playing with the building blocks and trains more than the girls did. The girls seemed to prefer playing sport games together.

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