Summary Of ' A Police Chef ' Essay

Summary Of ' A Police Chef ' Essay

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A police Chef named Mike Halstead in North Carolina went into early retirement, for his posting on Facebook. The police chef posted about how the “Black Lives Matter” protester groups were terrorists. He went on to say how if a white person was shot by a black cop, or an officer was shot then no one would care. The media wouldn’t report it. He states that the only reason that the media is all over the unarmed African American teens are killed is because the president is black himself. He told his officers to shoot someone if they felt they were in harm and then ask questions once the perpetrator was dead. When he was terminated or early retirement, he then again took to Facebook to say that he was disrespected and that he would be unable to care for his family.
I believe his Ethical dilemma was his exercise of use of authority, use of discretion, his integrity and the wilful neglect of duty. Mike used his authority to order his officers to not think about the consequences of shooting someone to just do it. He used his power and title for his own personal beliefs instead of the public. Using the authority for such a reason hurts his policing beliefs and values that are supposed to be held above all else.
The use of discretion is to keep sensitive information safe and quiet. Everyone does have the right to say what they believe and what they believe is right. But however, in his position he should have had a higher regard for discretion with his beliefs. He ignored the basic rule of an officer, chef or not, he should have the same rules as a rookie, if not more. He didn’t keep the sensitive information that he probably knew could hurt many people instead he shared it on a public and constantly shared pla...

... middle of paper ... a Facebook, I can make sure not to post any personal beliefs or anything that could offended the public. Stay neutral. Make sure that everyone that I post or is posted about me is appropriate and that it isn’t going to make anyone worry about my ability to do my job.
I believe that everyone can believe what they want and do whatever they want. But there is always a time and place for everything. Especially as someone who swore to uphold the law and keep everyone safe. You are held to a much higher regard and the public generally look up to you. But when you are discriminating and telling people that they don’t deserve the same treat as someone else, it’s wrong. I can’t believe that even now there are still people who are like this. Everyone is a human and we are the same. So why do you get to decide that someone has more rights than another, because their white.

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