Summary : Mansfield School Board Essay

Summary : Mansfield School Board Essay

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The Mansfield School board meets the second Tuesday of each month; I attended the September 13 meeting. Meetings take place each month in the high school library, the tables and chairs are rearranged specifically for these meeting. The board sits at a series of long tables arranged in a U shape. The superintendent, Nate Moore, and the board secretary, Derrick Neal, sat on the left side of the U, net to the secretary sat the board president, Vicky Box, followed by the rest of the board members. The building principals and special education director sat at a separate table in front of the board. The audience seats were placed behind the administration table, facing the board.
The meeting started promptly at 5:30pm, the meeting was called to order and the agenda was adopted. The date for the next meeting was discussed and tentatively set, due to the tournament that is to take place that week. Then the minutes from the prior meeting were approved, and the meeting moved directly into information about accounts payable and financial updates. They discussed all the new computers, Smartboards and programs purchased and the costs. Then the matter of the broken popcorn machine was brought up. Mrs. Box asked why it had not been replaced, because it was costing the concession stand money not to have one. The high school principal, Mr. Wylie, explained that they were currently trying to raise funds to buy a new machine. Mrs. Box suggested that the school simply purchase a new machine and then once funds were raised they could pay the school back. The board voted and approved this unbudgeted cost. Other information divulged during the financial update was that the school currently had a 70% free and reduced rate and the budget is...

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... female member and is the only member to have been a prior educator. Although the superintendent and building principals were involved in giving information and answering questions; Mrs. Box is defiantly the power player of the board.
I did find it interesting that the administration was dressed professionally, as were Mrs. Snow and myself, whereas the board was dressed in jeans and t-shirts. I also noticed a couple of members were on their cell phones at different times throughout the meeting. I understand that the board is comprised of community members; I just thought they would appear more professional. I have never been to a board meeting at a larger school, but my idea is that they are dressed nice and are more attentive. With the exception of the board president and the board secretary, the other members seemed to be preoccupied or bored with the meeting.

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