Summary : ' Going For Gold ' Essay

Summary : ' Going For Gold ' Essay

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BetVictor Casino allows every member to go for gold!

It is the event that everyone is talking about, as Olympics fever is currently sweeping across the globe. Given that sports fans can’t seem to get enough of Rio 2016, it only makes sense that online casinos such as BetVictor Casino get into the spirit of the occasion. Launching a fresh new promotion, which is aptly titled “Going for Gold”, what awaits at the end of these 3 sporting-themed casino events are a selection of medal-laden prizes.

Kicking things off is “Event 1”, which is Synchronised Spinning. Running until August 10th, for every £10 wagered on the NetEnt classic Twin Spin you will secure a single entry into the Bronze Medal Draw. Adding to that, you can also sprint to the finish by wagering £50 and securing free spins for use on the game in question too. “Event 2” is classified as Gymnastics, which involves hitting the blackjack tables, as for every £20 wagered you’ll earn an entry into the Silver Medal Draw, with five entries needed for qualification. Lastly, “Event 3” takes the form of Athletics and with a £3,000 holiday package riding on the line, so it really will be a sprint to the finish. By wagering £20 or more on roulette, you’ll find that your name will be in the hat when it comes to the blockbuster Gold Metal Draw.

Have you found yourself caught up in all things Rio 2016? Do you want to experience some thrilling online casino action? Then get on down to BetVictor Casino today and you can claim a 200% first deposit bonus up to a whopping £200. With this bonus you can access the best games from the likes of Play‘n GO, Microgaming, IGT, Novomatic, NetEnt, and NextGen, on top of all-star promotions such as the aforementioned Going for Gold!

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... dynamic paytable, this tropical game delivers keno gameplay in a fresh new light.

Finally, capping off summer with a cool breeze, Microgaming is unleashing Frozen Diamonds. Featuring 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines, this title is driven by falling symbols instead of the usual spinning reels. When a winning combination is located the reels will detonate, with gaps appearing to allow for further winning combos to be secured.

Speaking on the arrival of these new games, Neill Whyte (Microgaming Head of Product Channels), “There’s no summer hiatus at Microgaming as we prepare to release three diverse games to our operators next month. What’s more, we have a number of exciting games launching in the next couple of months, including Jungle Jim – El Dorado in September and the highly-anticipated Dragonz later in the year, which we unveiled at the iGaming Super Show in June.”

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