Summary : ' Four Dead ' Essay

Summary : ' Four Dead ' Essay

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Four dead.
One serious injured.
A weight in my chest presses down on me, telling me I’ve done wrong. That these were still people. I ignore it. I can’t have that feeling when it comes to surviving. They would have killed me or worse, I tell myself, though that doesn’t make the weight in my chest disappear.
I gradually turn to Felix with caution, raising my hands above my head and keeping my finger away from the trigger. He just watches me for a second, his wet blond hair stuck to his face and blood still oozing down his forehead and over his dark eyes. He doesn’t seem to recognize me, but he will. I just have to wait and I will. I can wait for him to recognize him. The good thing is that he’s alive.
“Crysta,” he gasps as he limps a step forward. Disbelief wipes the pain off his face as he stares at me. He looks like he just saw a ghost and he, partly, is, considering I should be dead.
“Hey, Felix,” I answer, softly, with a small smile pulling at my lips. I lower my hands and slide my gun into its holster.
He takes another step towards me, an arm outstretched but then he drops it, unsure. “You’re…you’re still alive?”
“Yeah,” I snort with a laugh. “It’s good to see you again.”
Felix doesn’t say anything, keeping his distance. He’s suspicious and can I blame him? One of the last times I saw him, I had just blown up at shape-shifting demon. He’s thinking of the possibility of that happening again. What can I do to show him that it’s me?
The real me?
I don’t know. I can’t show him my Human scar for it no longer exists. I have to do something that only he would know and would ensure him that I’m me and not some demon…Well, that’s the problem, I am a demon, though I don’t plan on telling him right off the bat.
My name echoes thro...

... middle of paper ...

...l. This is going to hurt a little,” I say.
He simply nods. I run the TRW over his wound and he winces as I do. I told him, it would hurt. Within seconds, the gush on his head is nothing more than a long scratch. I shove the TRW back in the bag and I toss the bloody rag to the corner of the room, away from everything. I stand up, digging through the bag.
Thorn is immediately beside her brother, examining his wound, amazed. I forget they’ve grown up in this city. They’ve never had technology like this. They probably never heard of it before. “It’s completely healed!” she exclaims.
“Almost,” Jensen objects. “A gush that big even with the TRW, might leave a scar.”
“TRW?” Felix echoes, both siblings confused over the word.
“Tissue Repair Wand,” I explain. “It can heal most surface wounds if they’re not too deep. That’s one reason I don’t have scars all over my body.”

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