Essay on Summary : Eric Shared A Lot With Me About My Life, Past, And Work

Essay on Summary : Eric Shared A Lot With Me About My Life, Past, And Work

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Summary: Eric shared a lot with me about his everyday life, past, and work. His regular routine includes spending time with his family, reading, writing, and even trying his own research by using his blue-blocking glasses and altered lighting to help him sleep. He bikes to school most days and goes mountain biking on the weekends. At work Eric teaches and works in his research lab to help disseminate information about psychology as widely as possible so that people know what information is available and which information is best. When talking about his past, Eric mentioned several instances that had shaped his perspective and goals like being hit by a car just a few years ago, going through counseling with his now-wife, and losing his sister to her mental illness and eventual suicide as well as at least one other unnamed family member. All of these things have led him to stay in his field, continuing work with bipolar disorder and trying to share everything he possibly can. His goals outside of work also include gaining the ability to do a 15 second handstand and making jumps with his mountain bike. Eric also talked a lot about the stigma surrounding mental illness, and how he doesn’t like the “us vs. them” mentality that so many people seem to have, even though mental illness is something that impacts most families. He said this stigma applies even more to adults who may have mental illnesses but don’t know where to look for help and do not want to ask. However, he said he would want them, as well as the parents of children with mental illnesses, to know that there is hope, and that they can do things that will increase the number of good days so that it can be more bearable. For kids, with bipolar disorder specifically, Eric sai...

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...ders like concentration problems related to mood disorders or restlessness associated with ADHD seemed like they fell into the domains of people like school social workers, psychologists, and possibly occasionally other related services providers (The IRIS Center, 2011). I also noticed a strong correlation between his research projects and UDL/universal design. The ways that he is attempting to make informmtaion more accessible to everyone by putting it out on Wikipedia and translating it makes it so not only professionals can access it, but anyone. Also, by doing this the information is made more accessible to the professionals who could have accessed it before, but now may find things with relative ease, all of which complies with the premises of UDL that seek to make knowledge more accessible for everyone (National Center for Universal Design for Learning, 2012).

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