Summary : ' A Heck Of A Day ' Essay

Summary : ' A Heck Of A Day ' Essay

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A Heck of a Day
"If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that 's a full day. That 's a heck of a day. ' ' Jim Valvano said that twenty years ago, I was not even born. I try to make my days unforgettable, since I wake up until go to bed; no one knows when God may call me and get me out of the game so I live one day at the time. Honestly, it is hard to live a day as Valvano said but one week ago I lived my heck of a day.
June 28th 5:00 AM, Orlando International Airport, I was about to make a decision that can change my life and my relationship with Isabella, my dear friend who I know since a year ago. It was an announcement or as is known worldwide among young people, I would leave the "friend zone". I was going to do that with the help of two friends, who no matter the time, were there to support me. I arrived before her to the airport, my plan was to surprise her while she was doing the check-in, and when she was ready to go to the terminal I would say what I feel for her. It sounds easy, but inside of me my heart was beating so fast, in my head millions of thoughts came and went, and the wait was eternal. But one thing was certain, there was no turning back, if I did this, I could no regret; in fact, I should not regret.
It was supposed that she had to be at the airport at 6:00 AM, it was 5:45 and I decided that I could not surprise her with empty hands, so I decided to go to one of the airports shops and buy something nice to prepare her for the announcement. I bought her a letter and chocolates; while I was paying, the cashier said to me "Chocolates, a letter, and so early in the morning, somebody came to ask for an apology". I just laughed and paid the things, and then the cashier said "Good luck". Maybe that could be a signa...

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... our relationship and I hope you have a good trip". She was shocked, but she looked at me with eyes that fell in love. I gave him the letter and chocolates, she began to cry, I cry to mourn and she hugged me. I kissed her on the forehead, told him to take care and we talked about this when she came back, I turned around and she shouted me an I love you, I smiled like a kid in Christmas.
I came back where my friends were and I started thinking that what I did was right, that despite what she will tell me, I’d be fine with myself. I had just experienced a day full of emotions, one day that I can tell to my grandchildren. Before leaving the airport I received a message from her saying "I love you", I smiled again, I looked up and I see a phrase from Jim Valvano on a wall "If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that 's a full day. That 's a heck of a day. ' ' You’re righ

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