Suicide : The Most Dangerous Problem Essays

Suicide : The Most Dangerous Problem Essays

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Each year too many peoples suicide in the world. Suicide is the most dangerous problem in the world. There are too many reasons for suicide. Sometimes people kill, or attempt to kill, overdosing on drugs to shooting or hanging themselves. Biological, psychological, and social forces can all play a role. Death is most important reasons of the world, suicide is considered an important cause of public health. Governments and other organizations are still searching for effective methods to prevent suicide. At the same time, some people acceptable or appropriate action to get suicide whoever suffering from painful and incurable diseases.
Suicide is happened all over the world, in some Eastern European nations, South African countries are very low rates of suicide. In Middle Eastern nations, suicide is very rare, because the dominant religion, Islam, strictly forbids the practice. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide was the eleventh leading cause of death for all ages in the United States. Suicide rates vary considerably by sex, age, and race. Suicide is most common among white males, but rare among African Americans. Suicide rates gradually increase with age, although the rate drops off among the very oldest Americans. People who are married or have children are less likely to kill themselves. People in certain occupations, such as police officers and psychiatrists, typically have high suicide.
Death as a solution to the problems of life, which they find intolerably painful. Most of them experience feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Many show lifelong patterns of self-destructive behavior, such as alcohol abuse. All suicides had symptoms of either depression or alcoholism. Individuals are mor...

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...on and try to protect them from this dangerous risk. So, it will reduce suicide rates in our society. We will save somebodies valuable life from this risk. . At the same time vulnerable and healed, we are freed for a life of receiving and giving help. In the mutual bearing of burdens, we learn to be persons who are willing to ask for healing and to provide it.
In the end we can tell suicide is dangerous problem in world. But it is preventable, if government, community, or society peoples help each other and find out the problem, and help whoever risk. Even though we can help some peoples, whoever are suffering painful diseases? Or whoever has economical issues. Also some cultures or society have dangerous rules, that reasons some peoples had to choose the suicide. They have to remove everything’s from their cultures. So , we can get a suicide free world.

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